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How to critique a talent ?

Things to consider :
What do you like about the talent artistically?
Is there is enough details & media about this talent?
Have you attended a performance by this talent?
Did you hire this talent for job before?
Would you recommend this talent to others?
Things to avoid :
-Off-topic or irrelevant comments.
-Personal attacks.
-Personally identifying information



Name : Ashli Age : 32    Birthday : November, 19 Location : Vineland, New Jersey, USA Link : Status : Model

About me :

Height : 155 cm / 5' 1"
Weight : 110 lbs / 49 kg
Chest/Bust : 99 cm / 38 in
Waist : 74 cm / 28 in
Hips/Inseam : 94 cm / 36 in
Shoes : 7
Eye Color : Brown
Hair Color : Blonde
Physique : Slender
Modeling Interests :

Skills : Model, dance, acting
Interests : Modeling/ Acting
Influenced by : My fiance
Current Projects : solo girl sites/mags/Romance book covers

Biography :

Hello. My name is Ashli aka p0ison69. I love doing photo-shoots, traveling, and i am just getting into the adult porn industry.

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Video shoot

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Phot shoot

Can you briefly introduce yourself ?
P0ison69 says :
Hey everyone! My name is Ashli aka poison69. I am 22 years young, and am a very wild and easy going kinda gal! I love having fun, and traveling. On my spare time i love doing photo-shoots and videos. I do have my own personal solo (soft porn ) website. It is still under construction. I am just getting into the adult porn industry for video, photos, and websites, and looking to build on and grown my name bigger.:*
What nationality or background are you?
P0ison69 says :
I am German, Irish, and Italian, and a little Cherokee in me!
Where were you born, and how was it like growing up?
P0ison69 says :
I was born in New Jersey. I grew up close to Atlantic City, so i love nite-life, the beach and shopping! I am a jersey girl, so i never pumped gas in my i know it sounds funny!
What’s your horoscope and how would you describe your personality?
P0ison69 says :
I am a scorpio, and i always tend to believe my horoscope, because it always seems to fit the day or situation i am presently having! I am a love sap! I am sorry to say.. i am a hopeless romantic, and have a big heart.... I am very easy to get along with and everyone seems to love me. Mwah! xox
Ok, lets start talking about modeling, How long have you been modeling?
P0ison69 says :
I have been modeling for 2 1/2 years now, and i am addicted!! Love it. My fiance got me into it, and i realy enjoy shooting and traveling. We go to CA at least 3 times a year, and travel locally and (not so locally) all the time! We are always on the go!
How did you feel being in front of the camera for the first time?
P0ison69 says :
I felt scared at first, but the photographer i worked with is realy cool, so he made me feel real comfortable! After that i just found it fun, and exciting!
How did you feel doing your first nude photo shoot?
P0ison69 says :
Well... it was kinda a rush! lol But i like beeing nude so its all good!
What’s the best thing about being a model?
P0ison69 says :
Did you ever get away with stuff just because you are a model?
P0ison69 says :
haha- funny question, but yes, but i dont try to.. i am not like that. One of my photographers i was working with the other day said to me, " You dont come off how you look", He said people that look like me are so self consumed and is usually a, but i love people, and i dont think i will ever turn rotten no matter how famous my names become. i know where i came from and how i was raised, and that will never change.:* xox
Are you comfortable with your body? Anything you would like to change?
P0ison69 says :
I am very comfortable with my body. The one thing i would change is my butttt!! I have such a little butt. lol and big
Are you enhanced with Plastic Surgery?
P0ison69 says :
Yes...My breasts ( 34 D)
Any tattoos or piercing? If yes which part of your body?
P0ison69 says :
Yes. I have my ears pierced and my belly button pierced. I have a small butterfly on my left ankle, and palm tree beach setting on my right foot, a butterfly with my name on my lower back, a skull with a princess cown on my left side of my stomach, a name on my lower abdomen( very low) and a tiny saying on my upper back. (Its not as bad as what it
Where do you hope your modeling will take you?
P0ison69 says :
EVERYWHERE! I want my name poison69 to grow!
What do you do to set yourself apart from other models?
P0ison69 says :
I am not a bitch. I am very sweet, and easy going. I am very creative. I usually give the photographers all the ideas for my soot, and they always love em!
Do you have any dreams or goals you’re shooting for?
P0ison69 says :
I would like to get more into the adult industry.
Do you do anything else besides modeling?
P0ison69 says :
Yes, i actually help my fiance run our websites, and shoot all of his male models.
If you were not a model what else would you be?
P0ison69 says :
I would have my own business.
If you could play a lead role in a movie, what kind of movie would it be?
P0ison69 says :
Action, or adult
If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?
P0ison69 says :
So what have you learned NOT to do since you've been in the biz?
P0ison69 says :
To diet rite!
What the worst prank anyone has ever played on you?
P0ison69 says :
They bought a fake lottery ticket, and it said i won a half a million dollars.
What kind of music styles you like?
P0ison69 says :
Hip hop, alternative, and pop
what’s your favorite perfumes, fashion brands & jewellery?
P0ison69 says :
Fav perfume is Princess by Vera Wang and HOT couture by Givinchi Fav brand is Juicy couture and coach Jewelry : gold
What is your favorite drink or cocktail at clubs or bars?
P0ison69 says :
I like tequila 1800 and i love wisky-sours
Any girls or guys gone wild stories you like to tell us about?
P0ison69 says :
One word: Bahamas- Rite after graduation.. i think im on a girls gone wild video..? lol- and got to hang out with the cast of Leguna Beach
What is the worst pick up line you been approached with?
P0ison69 says :
Lets not even go there..
Are you single?
P0ison69 says :
If you are not single, can you tell us about the person you’re with?
P0ison69 says :
His name is Frank Defeo. He is a muscle god! lol Or so he calls him self.. just google his name to find out
What would turn you off towards a man or a woman?
P0ison69 says :
Bad teeth and breath..eww
What’s the description of the perfect man or a woman to you?
P0ison69 says :
Exactly what i have..
What does a man or a woman need to do to keep you interested?
P0ison69 says :
They need to be into me, not just there self
Is it hard to keep up a long term relationship because of your line of work?
P0ison69 says :
OK, lets get more personal, what are your fantasies? or what turns you on sensually?
P0ison69 says :
I like when he takes controll.. its sexy
what would you like to say to your fans?
P0ison69 says :
I love you all. Beeing my fan or not, i love everyone! I hope you find me to be one of the biggest pleasures you ever indulge in! I love to be fun and be bad! I am your dirty little secrete! xox
Who would you consider your biggest influences?
P0ison69 says :
Jenna Jameson

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