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How to critique a talent ?

Things to consider :
What do you like about the talent artistically?
Is there is enough details & media about this talent?
Have you attended a performance by this talent?
Did you hire this talent for job before?
Would you recommend this talent to others?
Things to avoid :
-Off-topic or irrelevant comments.
-Personal attacks.
-Personally identifying information



Name : Ladell Age : 27    Birthday : July, 02 Location : spokane, Washington, USA Link : Status : Model

About me :

Ethnicity : Native American
Height : 165cm / 5' 5 cm
Weight : 115lbs / 52kg lbs
Chest/Bust : 84cm / 33in cm
Waist : 60cm / 23in cm
Hips/Inseam : 88cm / 34in cm
Shoes : 7
Eye Color : Hazel
Hair Color : Dark Brown
Physique : Athletic
Modeling Interests :
Nudes Sport
Trade shows

Interests : everythings.any type of modeling
Influenced by : Tyra Banks and any model that starts from nothing and grinds hard to make it to the top.

Biography :

my names ladell rene and i love modeling and being the center of attention. i am an up and coming model. my dreams are to be in a music video, magazine, start my own clothing line and maybe someday host my own tv show. i have what it takes to make it big and i never let my dreams go. if we end up working together you won't regret it.

No gigs or tour dates listed yet, ask her to get started!

Can you briefly introduce yourself ?
Ladellrene says :
well my names ladell rene, i am an up and coming model and actress. im 19 and sadly im stuck in washington state. i hope to move once my modeling career kicks off!
What nationality or background are you?
Ladellrene says :
im native american,german, and puertorican.
Where were you born, and how was it like growing up?
Ladellrene says :
i was born in spokane, wa. lamest city in tha state lol, i was also raised here. imma smalltown girl tryin to make it big. i hope to live in cali someday.
Ok, lets start talking about modeling, How long have you been modeling?
Ladellrene says :
ive been modeling since i was 14 and i love it. everyone always told me i had a unique and exoctic look. soo one day i went to a casting call for this competition and made it! and here i am today still modeling.
How did you feel being in front of the camera for the first time?
Ladellrene says :
i was a lil shy but than i ended up loving it. you gotta flirt with tha camera and be confident to get the best shots!
How did you feel doing your first nude photo shoot?
Ladellrene says :
i have never done a nude shoot yet!
What’s the best thing about being a model?
Ladellrene says :
its a lot of fun, you meet a lot of cool people. you get to travel alot n ppl are always so interested about learnin wat modelign is really bout lol.
Did you ever get away with stuff just because you are a model?
Ladellrene says :
yessir. lol i always get to tha front of the line at clubs or get to go in tha VIP. you know how i do lol
Are you comfortable with your body? Anything you would like to change?
Ladellrene says :
yes i love my body. i wouldn't change anything...maybe i would wanna be a lil taller. im a lil short lol
Are you enhanced with Plastic Surgery?
Ladellrene says :
nope. all natural baby
Any tattoos or piercing? If yes which part of your body?
Ladellrene says :
yes...i have my cartilage pierced n my ears peiced. i want to get my belly button peirce...idk tho i am scared lol
Where do you hope your modeling will take you?
Ladellrene says :
i hope i can become known from it...i want people to know who am i am and look up to me.
What do you do to set yourself apart from other models?
Ladellrene says :
i have a great personaility i am really outgoin and i got a exotic look
Do you have any dreams or goals you’re shooting for?
Ladellrene says :
i hope to be in a music video some day, a cover on a big name magazine, own clothing line, and a big fan base.
Do you do anything else besides modeling?
Ladellrene says :
yes imma actress and imma start dancing.
If you were not a model what else would you be?
Ladellrene says :
id be a orthodontist or a dr.
If you could play a lead role in a movie, what kind of movie would it be?
Ladellrene says :
itd be an action movie or a love story. so i could kiss a cute movie star lol
If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?
Ladellrene says :
brazil or new york
So what have you learned NOT to do since you've been in the biz?
Ladellrene says :
umm ive learned not to trust everyone theres a lot of scammers out there that are just tryin to get money outta you.
What kind of music styles you like?
Ladellrene says :
i love hip hop, r&b, and rap.
What is your favorite drink or cocktail at clubs or bars?
Ladellrene says :
i like sex on the beach or any type of vodka wit a chaser
How is a girl’s or guy's night out with your friends would be like for you?
Ladellrene says :
go a movie...than go back to tha crib n kick it n chill.
Any girls or guys gone wild stories you like to tell us about?
Ladellrene says :
Are you single?
Ladellrene says :
yes i am...but i am lookin for the one...tha perfect guy. i hope i find him soon. guys these days play soo many games.!!!
What would turn you off towards a man or a woman?
Ladellrene says :
umm bad breath and nasty teeth lol. also a really cocky atitude
What does a man or a woman need to do to keep you interested?
Ladellrene says :
How far would u get intimate on a first date?
Ladellrene says :
just a kiss on the first date
Is it hard to keep up a long term relationship because of your line of work?
Ladellrene says :
ummm boyfriends trip about the photoshoots i do. lol
Any cat fight over a competition or a gig you wonna tell us about?
Ladellrene says :
hmm not yet lol
Worst job you ever had?
Ladellrene says :
i worked at a fast food resturant named always go home smellin like chicken.
what would you like to say to your fans?
Ladellrene says :
id like to thank you soo guys keep me going. imma keep grindin soo be on tha look out for new pics and movies.
Who would you consider your biggest influences?
Ladellrene says :
tyra banks...shes amazin

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