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How to critique a talent ?

Things to consider :
What do you like about the talent artistically?
Is there is enough details & media about this talent?
Have you attended a performance by this talent?
Did you hire this talent for job before?
Would you recommend this talent to others?
Things to avoid :
-Off-topic or irrelevant comments.
-Personal attacks.
-Personally identifying information



girlie monica gacutan
Name : girlie monica gacutan Age : 27    Birthday : March, 06 Location : baguio, Benguet, Philippines Link : Status : Model

About me :

Ethnicity : Asian
Height : 160 cm / 5' 3"
Weight : 100 lbs / 45 kg
Chest/Bust : 84 cm / 33 in
Waist : 68 cm / 26 in
Hips/Inseam : 85 cm / 33 in
Shoes : 6
Eye Color : Black
Hair Color : Black
Physique : Slender
Modeling Interests :

Skills : modelling singing
Interests : modelling, photography
Influenced by : joining to open photo shoots and watching fashion shows
Current Projects : none
Awards / Credits : none
News/ Off the Record : none

Biography :

im girlie monica gacutan from baguio city. ever since i was in high school im already expose into joining beauty contest and now that im in college i used to join photoshoots thats why im really interested to be a great model someday and i know by joining here it would help me.

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manila philippines
Can you briefly introduce yourself ?
Monica says :
im girlie monica gacautan. i love fashionography and modelling. ever since i was young i used to join pageants and up to now i keep joining to photoshoots. i believe that by joining here,it would help me fulfill my long time dreams
What nationality or background are you?
Monica says :
im a filipino by blood. i grew up in the province but i had a great exposure already. my parents are both Filipino.
Where were you born, and how was it like growing up?
Monica says :
i was born in the provine of Flora, Apayao. maybe you wont find the place familiar but it is at the northern part of the Philippines. i grew up with my family and ever since i was young my parents always support me in every challenge i get in.
What’s your horoscope and how would you describe your personality?
Monica says :
my horoscope is pisces. im a shy person it says there but when im already in college and took up tourism, ive overcome that. i gained more confidence. i can now prove to everyone that im not just that simple, silent, shy type girl that they use to know but instead i have the guts, and confidence to show the other side of me through modelling
Ok, lets start talking about modeling, How long have you been modeling?
Monica says :
its been 8 months that i let myself pursue my dreams of modelling. i keep on joining different open photoshoots to boost my porfolio and so that talent managers would see it if i apply. yes, iam an amateur model but really willing to work. i can give you my 100% commitment if you'll get me. i have the heart and passion of a real model
How did you feel being in front of the camera for the first time?
Monica says :
well i felt nervous... and yeah nervous. but then when i saw the result, and with the help of great photographer i worked with, i gained the confidence.
How did you feel doing your first nude photo shoot?
Monica says :
i dont have any nude photos yet but if ever ill get into a nude photoshoot well i would be confident enough to pose since i have a slim body and i have body figure
What’s the best thing about being a model?
Monica says :
the best thing about being a model is that the confidence you'll have to walk infront of many people. its a good thing that you have an edge among ny other people you know.
Did you ever get away with stuff just because you are a model?
Monica says :
yes. sometimes i sacrifice not to attend class just to have the photoshoots. yes i know that studies should be my priority but still i choose to pursue my modelling as long as i know that i can still balance it with my performance in the school.
Are you comfortable with your body? Anything you would like to change?
Monica says :
well for me im already comfortable with my body. im contented with what God has given to me. all i have to do is to appreciate the litlte things i have now and show it off to the world
Are you enhanced with Plastic Surgery?
Monica says :
no, im havent get into a plastic surgency, even if ill be given a chance, i wouldnt take it.
Any tattoos or piercing? If yes which part of your body?
Monica says :
yes i have my piercing in my tounge. i think its cool having it.
Where do you hope your modeling will take you?
Monica says :
well i hope someday my modelling would take me to success seing my self modelling a great brand of clothes from great designers and photographers
What do you do to set yourself apart from other models?
Monica says :
my egde from other models is that even if im still amateur, im a fast learner and be able to level my self to them
Tell us about the achievements that you accomplished
Monica says :
i used to join some pageants in school and in our locality and i won.
Do you have any dreams or goals you’re shooting for?
Monica says :
my only dream now is that i hope someday all the efforts im doing for this modelling will give me reward. i hope someday i would be able to walk the runway with great models
Do you do anything else besides modeling?
Monica says :
aside from modelling im also finishing my studies now. im already in the 4th year
If you were not a model what else would you be?
Monica says :
if im not a model maybe im a flight attendant after my studies
If you could play a lead role in a movie, what kind of movie would it be?
Monica says :
i choose comedy because im not comfortable with dramas and horrors
If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?
Monica says :
id travel to paris because it is the fashion capital in the world
So what have you learned NOT to do since you've been in the biz?
Monica says :
i learned not to let chances slip away. if given a chance, grab it!
What the worst prank anyone has ever played on you?
Monica says :
when somebody told me that my pictures are just purely edited
What kind of music styles you like?
Monica says :
i love r n b and raps
what’s your favorite perfumes, fashion brands & jewellery?
Monica says :
my favorite perfume is victorias secret. my favorite fashion brand is mango and NY square. about jewelry i love channel
What is your favorite drink or cocktail at clubs or bars?
Monica says :
i love margaritta and vodkas
How is a girl’s or guy's night out with your friends would be like for you?
Monica says :
the perfect night out for me is to be in a bar, with a great crowd, loud and nice background music with dance floor and dj's on it
Any girls or guys gone wild stories you like to tell us about?
Monica says :
when i was in a bar, my girl friend had a fight with another girl whom we dont know. my friend grab a bottle of san mig and slapped it on the face of the girl and she removed her stilettos and slapped it on the girls head until policemans came to stop them lol
What is the worst pick up line you been approached with?
Monica says :
Are you single?
Monica says :
yes right now im one month single
If you are not single, can you tell us about the person you’re with?
Monica says :
im single
Give us the dirt on your dating life, any first date rules?
Monica says :
if im on a first date, it should be in a decent place and not in anywhere else. i prefer dinner date.
What would turn you off towards a man or a woman?
Monica says :
his attitude. good personality is a plus plus points for me
What’s the description of the perfect man or a woman to you?
Monica says :
for me a perfect man is somebody who could show you off to his friends. somebody who respects your whole being and be able to introduce you ti his family
What does a man or a woman need to do to keep you interested?
Monica says :
he should have a good grooming and somebody who's a joker lol
What would be the scenario of a perfect date to you?
Monica says :
for me a perfect date is when youre in a yacht with those orchestras playing music while having the dinner date. it's so romantic
How far would u get intimate on a first date?
Monica says :
i get intimate on a first date by letting the guy hold my hand and kiss me in the chicks that all lol
Is it hard to keep up a long term relationship because of your line of work?
Monica says :
no. work is never a problem to me
Tell us about the shortest & the longest relationships you been in
Monica says :
the longest relationship i had is when i was in high school. it lasts for almost 1 year and 3 mos. my shortest relationship is when i was in 3rd year college it lasted for less than a month.
If you would have a one night stand with a celebrity who would it be?
Monica says :
it would be chris brown! i love everything about him
OK, lets get more personal, what are your fantasies? or what turns you on sensually?
Monica says :
if the guys is sexy and really sweet and romantic, i would go for it!
Most unusual place you've had sex?
Monica says :
i never had a sex with anybody
Any wild stories about photo shoots you did?
Monica says :
Any cat fight over a competition or a gig you wonna tell us about?
Monica says :
Worst job you ever had?
Monica says :
being an usherrette. i have to stand with my stillettos for 10 hours
what would you like to say to your fans?
Monica says :
i love them and i will thanks them for supporting me. ill promise not to fail them on their expectation about me.

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