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Thomas R. Schombert_AUTHOR

Thomas R. Schombert_AUTHOR
Name : Thomas R. Schombert_AUTHOR    Sex : Male Age : 52    Birthday : January, 14 Location : Marana, Arizona, USA Page : Status : Writer

My Information :

Languages : English,German,Russian
Ethnicity : Caucasian
Religion : Catholic
Smoking : Non-Smoker
Drinking : Non-Drinker
Education : Ph. D
Occupation : Artistic/Musical/Writer
Title/Position : Author & Poet
Interested in : Network
Status : No Info.

My Favorites :

Drinks : Coffee of course
Venue : Writing and Publishing
Music : Opera, Jazz, Classical, Country
DJs : No Info.
Bands : No Info.
Movies : Horror, Comedy, Adventure
TV Shows : Star Trek
Radio Station : No Info.
Books/Mags : Stephen King
Fashion Brand : No Info.

About me :

Thomas R. Schombert is a nonfiction author that captivates the mind and takes you on a tour of reality within your own life through his nonfiction writing. From the very first page you open the adventure begin, with such works as horror, suspense, romance and even children’s books. Thomas's work will mesmerize you as you step into the world of this unique and brain twisting nonfiction writer, or tease your mind with stories of pleasure, with his unique style of writing. So what are you waiting for? Sit down, enjoy a novel by Thomas R. Schombert, and take an adventure as seen through the mind of this native author and poet to Marana, Arizona.

Thomas's credits include the 2005, 2006, 2007 2008, and 2009 Literary Poetry Society Gold Award for his poerty.

Thomas was also award the Army Commendation Medal for his work he did for the Fort Hood Texas Provost Marshals Office which subsequently allowed for millions of dollars to be saved and effective training to be given through his designed training programs for law enforcement.

Born in Waterloo, New York, raised in Marana (Tucson), Arizona this Disabled Veteran of five different combat tours of duty, from 1985 to 2005, has traveled the world many times over while serving proudly in the military. Has seen and done many things, but one thing stands true with this highly decorated soldier; he stands true to his honor, country and his devotion to his family. His many military awards are just a testament to his honor for his country and fellow citizens. His tours of duty include German during the Cold War 1986-1989, The Gulf War 1989-1991, Germany 1997-1999, Bosnia/Kosovo 1999-2001, Korea 2002-2003, and Iraq 2004; until he became disabled and was forced into retirement during his long service for his country. Thomas’s time in the service, allowed him the privileged to have visited an impressive 62-countries around the world, learning much about the cultures and languages. Thomas spent his life witing novels that to this day are still not published for one reason or another, but he also took up the passion for musical instruments and singing in a Christian rock band while living in Germany. After his final move from Texas back to his home state of Marana, Arizona, and among the many talents Thomas may have, he has taken up sewing and photography as a lasting hobby, along with his strong passion fr writing. He now lives for his two sons and spends every waking moment with his beautiful wife.

Thomas's first novel, Diaries of a Soldier; nightmares from within, received international acclaim and earned Thomas several prestigious awards. Since that time, Thomas has penned nearly a dozen novels and training materials for various businesses such as the federal government.

Thomas is now working on his first screenplay which is due to be completed early 2010 and a commercial production to help victims of PTSD. "Thomas's love of storytelling is captivating and difficult to put down", said one loyal reader at a recent book signing for Borders Express, "Once you read one, you have to read all of his books".

-Joyce L. Hess
Millennium Force Productions

Step into the world of this five time combat veteran, father of two and husband, who will tease your imagination with nonfiction writings from everyday life. If that doesn't sound appealing enough, then try reading his romance series that is sure to get you all hot and bothered. This nonfiction author spans the globe with a genre’ of military, romance, horror, suspense, children’s, self-help, and more. The reality of this writer’s ability is to give you a taste of your own medicine with the sinful attitudes we all long for in life but were too afraid to accept. Find out for yourself when you take the adventure with Thomas on one of the widest rides of your life without even leaving your chair.

Please note that not all letters and emails can be answered due to the sheer volume that come in daily, but every attempt is made to answer each one in a timely manner and with due respect as we thank you for your support of Thomas and his work, in hopes that it has inspired you in one way or another so that you will tell others of his work as well. Thank You!

My Type of Person :

Refined, Luxurious, Crative, Sensual, Passionate, Healing, a Sense of Humor, Cultured, and did I say Friendly.

My Turn on/off :

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Turn ons: Womens Legs
Turn offs: Rude people

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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