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The Argyle Hollywood


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The Argyle Hollywood
Address : 1600 Argyle Ave Los Angeles 90028 Type : Dance Club, Lounge/Club, Phone : 310-905-4793 Function hours : Cocktail Den Everyday 7pm-2am Nightclub Thurs-Sat 10pm-2am Web Site : Click here Entertainment : DJ, Dancer, Artist, Music style :
More information : Boutique Nightclub and Cocktail Den

Below the streets of Hollywood lies a secret place known for the company it keeps and the company it keeps out. A subterranean hideaway visited for business and pleasure by everyone whos anyone. Neither modest nor pretentious, its a throwback to an era of glamour and sophistication.

Above the underground bar rests an oasis amidst Los Angeles nightlife, a debauched dancery thats soon to be mentioned with devoted reverence and yearning nostalgia. It's a champagne jam where high art, high fashion, and high times mingle on the dancefloor and the DJ is only as important as the next song.

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