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1 Oak


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1 Oak
Address : 453 West 17th New York City 10011 Type : Lounge/Club, Phone : 212-242-1111 Function hours : 10 pm / 04 am Web Site : Click here Entertainment : DJ, , , Music style : All Styles,
More information : ter a press embargo and its fair share of bureaucratic problems, New York’s hardest door, dubbed 1 Oak, has opened - to those, ahem, who have been deemed worthy of entrance. The boys behind 1 Oak - Richie Akiva and Scott Sartiano (who own Butter) - have apparently grown tired of New York’s repetitive club scene and are intent on creating a refined environment for the hippest urban influencers in the city. After all, those insipid, martini-swilling Manhattanites really do get to you after a while.

The West Chelsea area is all about the atmosphere. And, as with any impossible-to-enter spot, 1 Oak has atmosphere aplenty. Though the exterior is refreshingly free of inappropriate designer cant, 1 Oak’s interior (designed with leaden proficiency) embraces the noir angularity of patterns ripped out of a castle in the South of France.

A whopping 3 mil was spent renovating and outfitting the grand space with accouterments such as gold water faucets (because washing your hands in anything else would be sooo ‘80s), gold-plated handgun art (obviously), bullet art (appropriate), ostrich leather upholstery (cows are so ‘96) and Louis the XIV-inspired chairs (I would have gone with the XIII, but I guess XIV will do).

So, clearly this place isn’t courting the type of crowd who would have picked up their club attire at Wal-Mart. With a limited capacity of 250 people, earning a coveted spot inside will be tough little chore, so if you aren’t one of New York’s chicest socialites, don’t waste your time standing in line.

And yes - there is a menu. The fare at this lounge has been created by former Iron Chef judge, Alex Guarnaschelli (say that three times fast), and includes adventurous dishes like one shrimp cocktail and a cookie platter with milk - groundbreaking.

While the food won’t offer any surprises, the real key to a club like this is the vibe. Fortunately, the owners and managers are more aware of this than their potential customers, pulling out all the stops to ensure that Oak 1 will be the latest “it spot” in the city.

Hipsters that make it beyond the door will no longer be admitted simply because they agree to pay for bottle service. The owners insist that only people “cool” enough to warrant entry will be granted it. They neglected to mention what qualifies as cool, although if you have to ask, that should probably tell you something. It’s safe to presume that those who successfully gain entry to this hard-wooded club will be either famous, beautiful, rich, well-dressed, or—ideally—all of the above. Remember that money talks at the doorway, so even if you rich-but-ugly folks are admitted to this hotspot, know that while we commoners may be poor right now, you’ll still be ugly tomorrow. Checkmate.

However, if you think you’re too cool for school and want to join in the fun of the rich and shameless, be sure to pencil this over-the-top lounge into your schedule. Will you see Tara Reid dancing on the tabletops or Robert Downey Jr. falling off the wagon yet again? The hipster imprimatur will help draw an urban-influencer/easily-bored crowd, which won\'t be disappointed. Time will tell, but one thing that can be predicted with confidence is that everybody who’s anybody will be there. And you’re a somebody, aren’t you?

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Posted 08/08/08
very upscale, hard to get in

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