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Model Search @ Clevelander Miami

May 3, 2007, 7438 views Support
Posted by : Support
Type : Fashion
Courtesy of : CITY EVENTS TV
Duration : 3 min

Florida’s hottest pool party Splash, happens each and every Saturday 5 Lovely models are featured in 3 rounds Evening Wear, Lingerie, and Swimwear. You’ll need to take a splash In the pool to cool off because it’s so hot!

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Comments (12)

Posted 10/10/15
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Posted 11/06/06
kbahry says :
wow nice show
Posted 07/13/06
ClaudiaG says :
Way kool!!I do that Fashion show when im in Florida,they Rock!!!!hopefully next time im out there i get to meet you guys!!

Posted 06/15/06
keith32 says :
Posted 05/19/06
jacksolo06 says :
Posted 05/01/06
zoomonme says :
Seems like so much fun.
Let me know if you need a sponsor for your next event.
Posted 05/01/06
zoomonme says :

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