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James Dore Interview Part 2 (Continued from Part 1)

February 24, 2012, views
James Dore
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James Dore'
Type : Interview
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Duration : 381

Dore' talks about how having a daughter influenced his song writing, his most embarrasing moments, his first experience freestyling at age 4, his experience teaching Hip-Hop Dance Classes, overcoming dislexia, health and more...

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D’. Le Roi Soleil – Quảng An
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The Garden Hill
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Chung cư Daewoo Cleve Hà Đông
Daewoo Cleve
Daewoo Cleve Hà Đông
Chung cư Star Tower
Star Tower
FLC Star Tower
Star Tower FLC
FLC Star Tower Hà Đông
Star Tower Hà Đông
Posted 01/20/16
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