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Wrenna Monet

Wrenna Monet
Name : Wrenna Monet    Sex : Female Age : 33    Birthday : December, 11 Location : Los Angeles, California, USA Page : Status : Model

My Information :

Languages : English,German,
Ethnicity : Caucasian
Religion : Other
Smoking : Non-Smoker
Drinking : Non-Drinker
Education : GED
Occupation : Entertainment/Media
Title/Position : Public Relations/ Actress/ Model/ Scout/ Artist
Interested in : Network
Status : No Info.

My Favorites :

Drinks : No Info.
Venue : Area, Social, Les Deux, .... SUSHI :)
Music : Acoustic
DJs : No Info.
Bands : Incubus, Hoobastank, 3 Doors Down
Movies : Practical Magic, Super Troopers, Goonies
TV Shows : CSI, That 70's Show,
Radio Station : Ryan Seacrests
Books/Mags : The Love Spell, Tom Robbin's Books
Fashion Brand : No Info.

About me :

Wrenna Monet is a down to earth athlete, actress, model, artist & wilderness freak born and raised off the Southeast of Alaska in a rural fishing village called Petersburg.
She got her golden ticket to not be a fisherman for the rest of her life at seventeen by winning her first pageant as MISS ALASKA HAWAIIAN TROPIC in 2003. That gave Wrenna the vision of following her dream in the entertainment industry which has welcomed her with open arms landing three independent films her first year in Hollywood, one which won an award at the Venice Film Festival, as well as working on the TV shows ENTOURAGE and SUMMERLAND.
Wrenna also has done two feature films SKID MARKS, and WHAT LOVE IS which will be out in 2007. She has hosted for the FASHION TV Channel as well as booked a major re-occurring role on the TV Show DESTINATION X as a Jane-Bond girl, and can be seen on Telemundo spokes modeling for Maxim En Espanol Magazine, FX, Latina Channel, Men’s Channel on the TV Show Bikini Destinations, and MTV, CBS, NBC, The Tyra Banks show, etc. That’s not even mentioning her commercials and special appearances.
Wrenna Monet astounds professional photographers during modeling shoots on wild & exotic locations. The love she puts into her craft with sultry eyes and her inviting personality will captivate your sinful desires! In 2006 Monet received the cover of the renowned Magazine MAKES & MODELS in their Special edition issue, in edition she also received the nod to be placed on the Cover of Las Vegas entertainment magazine ONE & ONLY in the March 2007 issue, and on the cover of LA NIGHTLY MAGAZINE Jan 2007. She also has several feature spreads and appearances in over seven national & international magazines such as MAXIM En Espanol, FHM, Modified Mustangs, Seventeen Magazine, Street Trucks Magazine, Super Model Magazine, etc.
Wrenna loves to model as her hobby, but her heart in is acting for you can “Only look good for so long, and beauty is deeper then your reflection, I can be myself plus more acting” she says. She has a natural gift and loves to be in front of the camera working and on the go!
Wrenna Monet has not only surprised herself but has surprised the top Hollywood executives in the entertainment industry in her extremely successful surge to the top in such a short span of time since entering into the entertainment industry.

As to Monet’s current status, she has been approached for several major roles in which she’s deciding on currently. She in the midst of filming a co-star role in a feature horror film “The RESTLESS DEAD”, Directed by Thunder Levin.
Wrenna will also be producing as well as starring in her own TV series taking place in her rural Fishing Village of Petersburg, Alaska. Monet say’s “I’m looking really forward to sharing my background as well as giving you my life story threw my eyes!” in a biographical Alaskan Summer threw her experiences as a fisherman Wrenna will be a busy girl with her thrill for the out doors and lust for adventure she’ll get along just fine living the life of a crabber, gill-netter & halibut fisherman in the Southeast of Alaska for the TV Show DESTINATION X. The six weeks of filming will be taking place this summer just as two of Monet’s films hit the theatres. The Comedy “WHAT LOVE IS”, Directed by Mars Callahan, and “SKID MARKS” Directed by Karl Kozak, she says “I know will do really good because they were so fun to be a part of, and regardless I’m grateful in every way to be behind the camera!”
It may take you by surprise but Ms. Monet not only can baffle you by her presence but by her art work and poetry as well will grab you to where you wonder where she came from, her life story is amazing and it’s no wonder she is so successful at only 21 years old. Nothing stops her from her goals as Monet is currently working on a novel of her life story which “Hopefully” she says, will be turned into a screen play! With the start of 2007 it’s a New Year and Wrenna looks really forward to a fresh start and a busy schedule traveling and auditioning!!

My Type of Person :

Someone who is open minded, down to earth, likes to be themselves but, hard workers as focused as I am I admir and support. I like people to enjoy life because its a gift and there's so much to see and learn and I hope to inspire everyone to knowing that you can do ANYTHING you put your heart to as long as you take the chance!!

My Turn on/off :

OFF's: Slobs, rude remarks, farting, concieted, Low Self esteem, non responsibility, no goals or self discipline!

ON's: Confident, Sense of humor, goofy, open Minded, Down to earth, Spontanious, thoughtful, Romantic, dorky, not afraid to be themselves!

No Blog listed yet, Ask her to get started!

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